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What is THE most important thing (not) to do when buying a telescope?

Do Not Spend Your Hard Earned Money On A Department Store Telescope.

Ignore everything the bright shinny packing tells you about magnification and the stunning views of bright planets and distant galaxies you can look forward to the first night out. The only place you will ever see them is on the box or through someone elses telescope. For the same money you can purchase a good pair of binoculars and have far more fun with no disappointments.

Purchase some good books on the subject, so many excellent books have been written by some very experienced astronomers its a shame not to share in their wisdom. We are pleased to say that our best selling book is Sir Patrick Moores Teach Yourself: Astronomy. It shows that budding astronomers are still reading good books.

Visit or join a local society, you will find lots of like minded people and astronomers are normally a friendly bunch who will only be too pleased to show of their knowledge, skills and equipment. The telescope they are using may just be the telescope you are thinking of getting so you can have a test run before you buy.

Learn the night sky, with modern GOTO telescopes this is becoming less of a requirement but it is still a great introduction to astronomy. There is something quite rewarding about being able to glance up at the night sky and know the planets, stars and constellations by name.

Please post your hints, tips and advice for those starting out. Do you agree with the above comments?

Posted by Paul Rumsby
Telescope Sale Team
On 10th April 2011